Service Support During Warranty

Neotronics International LPP provide the following service support during warranty period

Pre Installation Services

Site Preparation Manual:

Before Shipment of the Machine Neotronics arrange to send the Site Preparation Manual to our customer to guide them for the site preparation of the machine, which includes the following topics:

  • Technical information and Dimension of the machine ordered.
  • Various Utilities and Services requirements at the start up of machine.

Installation and Commissioning

During Installation and commissioning, Neotronics provide start up service and Basic training on operation including software and day to day maintenance of the machine. Apart from regular service call , one visit every six month is included to check the functions of the machine and any preventive maintenance services required ,free of charge.

Process / Application Support

Neotronics together with the help of their Overseas Principal provide continuous support and guidelines to their customer to deal with todays fast changing manufacturing process requirements and needs.

Machine Training

Neotronics provides on-site training for all the equipment to customers engineers & also provides the highest levels of technical support and service from our in-house staff at centers throughout the region.During training we cover the following Areas
  • Training on Basic operation and programming.
  • Optimum use of the Machine
  • Maintenance of the Machine
  • Calibration of the Machine
  • Guidelines on process support

The above trainings are provided free of cost at site during the installation of the equipments purchased from us.However, customers can avail additional training services separately on a charge basis for all the machines marketed by us.For More information Write to


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