Thick Film Microcircuits

Thick-film circuits consist of such passive elements as resistors, capacitors, and inductors deposited on wafers or substrates of such dielectric materials as ceramic, glass, quartz and porcelain-coated metal used for many application like automatice electronics,microelectroics packaging etc . They are used for mass fabrication of passive networks for inclusion in linear microcircuits and large-signal digital and analog modules. In the Process, a series of metal traces and up to 35 dielectric layers are created on the substrate using Printing ,Sintering & Drying processes

.Components on a printed circuit board are electrically connected to the circuits by two different methods: the older "through hole technology" and the newer "surface mount technology." With through hole technology, each component has leads, which are pushed through small holes in the substrate and soldered to connection pads in the circuits on the opposite side. With surface mount technology, stubby J-shaped or L-shaped legs on each component contact the printed circuits directly. A solder paste consisting of glue, flux, and Lead free solder are applied at the point of contact to hold the components in place until the solder is melted, or "reflowed," in an oven to make the final connection. Although surface mount technology requires greater care in the placement of the components, it eliminates the time-consuming drilling process and the space-consuming connection pads inherent with through hole technology.

Thick Film Microcircuits

  • Plasma Cleaning System
  • Thick Film Screen Printer
  • Thick Film Firing Furnace
  • SMD Pick and Place Machine
  • Solder Paste /Glue Dispenser
  • IR Dryer
  • Curing /Solder Reflow Oven
  • Conformal Coating System


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